Monday, February 20, 2012

The DBPPA Annual Dinner 2012

'The DBPPA held its annual dinner on Friday, February 17, 2012 at the Madras Gymkhana Club. It was a wonderful evening with close to 225 past pupils (From across batches), teachers and the school management coming together for an evening full of nostalgia, fun and reunions. Rev Fr Rector John Alex and Rev Fr Stanley Ignatius, the Principal of Don Bosco Egmore addressed the gathering. Ashwin Rajagopalan, President of the DBPPA presented a report of activities of the DBPPA. Vijay Vasudevan, Executive Committee Member DBPPA proposed the Vote of Thanks. This was followed by dinner and fellowship at the Poolside Lawn of the Madras Gymkhana Club - the perfect setting for a great evening.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Dinner - Tis the season for Sharing :)

The DBPPA organised a special Christmas dinner for boys at the Bosco Illam, MKB Nagar (Near Perambur) on Monday, December 20, 2010. Close to 100 boys enjoyed a sumptuous dinner on the eve of Christmas! The Principal of DB Egmore Rev Fr Stanley Ignatius and Rev Fr Johnson from Bosco Illam joined members of the Don Bosco Past Pupils Association on a night when the smiles stretched for miles! 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Deepavali Night School Dinner - Smiles Unlimited :)

October 28, 2010. The Annual Deepavali Dinner was organised for the Night School Students at DB Egmore by the DBPPA. This year the dinner was put together for 100 kids (50 at the School and 50 at a satellite centre near DB Egmore). The kids were provided with packed dinners and a stationery Kit (Sponsored by Pradeep Jain - Class of 1974). The expenses for the dinner were completely met by contributions from Past Pupils. The pictures were snapped by Rosekumar (Class of 1985). Thanks for all the past pupils who made it & for the Management for making it possible.

Master Class

September 17, 2010, Don Bosco Egmore: Four Accomplished teachers and an evening full of nostalgia and inspiring thoughts. Mr A Selvadoray, Ms Rohini Chitnis, Mr Raja Pandi and Mr Michael Sundar each spoke for about ten minutes and then interacted with the Past Pupils in an informal and spirited interactive session. These special teachers spoke about the times at Don Bosco and also had great words of advice and inspiration. It was a very special evening. It was Master Class !

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pictures from DBPL 2.0 - The DBPPA's Second Inter-batch Crocker Tournament

DBPL 2.0 - 6 teams and Unlimited Fun!

6 Teams and close to 100 past pupils came together on Aug 15, 2010 for the DBPL 2.0, the Inter-Batch Crocker Tournament. Rev Fr Stanley Ignatius, the Principal of Don Bosco Egmore welcomed the teams and had words of praise for the DB Egmore Past Pupil Community. In the first match 2006 comfortably beat an Assorted team. In the second game 1993 knocked out a strong 1990 team and in the third prelim game 1989 beat an assorted Team. The three teams got into the round robin to determine the finalists. In the first game 2006 beat 1993 who bounced back in the second match to beat 1989. 1989, last year's runner-up needed to beat 2006 to keep their hopes alive but failed to do so in the last game. 2006 (Last year's champions) looked red hot but were stunned by the 1993 batch in the final. It was a humdinger of a final with 2006 needing 6 runs with 2 balls to go. But in the end it was 1993 that won and were the Champions of the Second Inter-Batch Crocker tournament. It was a Smashing Sunday and everybody present had a blast!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DBPPA Felicitates and Interacts with V Anand

It was an amazing afternoon; one that over 60 DB Past Pupils will remember for a long long time. A Chance to come up close and personal with one of the greatest minds in the world and one of DB Egmore's most illustrious Past Pupils. V Anand made the time to spend more than an hour with the DBPPA in an informal interactive session close on the heels of a major career high. The World Chess Champion spoke about interesting experiences and achievements from his career. He also spoke about the nuances of the game and future trends. A lot of questions centered around his latest world championship triumph and inevitably quite a few questions were about his school days at DB Egmore. It was Anand at his composed and witty best and it was well worth all the time the DB Past Pupils made for the event on a busy Tuesday afternoon (Check out the DBPPA Facebook Page for Event pictures) 

Sunday, January 31, 2010

DBPPA's Latest Initiative goes Live

The latest initiative of the DBPPA -  A state-of-the-art water treatment plant to handle the needs of the entire primary school. The cost of the plant is approximately Rs 4 lakhs. This plant uses the Reverse Osmosis process and has a capacity 500 litres/hour. This can handle the needs of the entire primary school with ease. It was made possible by the generous donation of Shivkumar Easwaran (86 Batch) & Sushilkumar Easwaran (88 Batch). The plant was blessed and inaugurated Rev Fr VV Abraham Sdb, Director - Don Bosco Centre for Education & culture, Chennai and former Principal DB Egmore on Saturday, January 30, 2009. 

Monday, January 11, 2010

Wisdom Keys Makes Headlines

Wisdom Keys Makes Headlines! Here are the links for Media Coverage of the DBPPA-ETA Star Wisdom Keys event. You can also view the scanned images of the media clips in the Photo Gallery Section. 

1. Deccan Chronicle (Jan 11, 2010)
2. The Hindu (Jan 10, 2010)
3. The New Indian Express (Jan 10, 2010) 
4. Times of India (Jan 10, 2010)

The DBPPA event that was the talk of the town

It was a Magical evening. You had to be there to feel it. It was the DBPPA-ETA Star Wisdom Keys event that took place on Jan 9, 2010 at Taj Mount Road. Over 225 DB Egmore Alumni had the time of their life. The evening had everything - Star Speakers, Nostalgia, Great Spirits (Of all kinds), Awesome Dinner and above all the unique bond that keeps bringing DB Egmore past pupils together like no other school anywhere on the planet. The evening brought together four of the school's illustrious past pupils; all achievers in their own right - YG Mahendra (1965), Vijay Amritraj (1968), Venkatesh (1978), Dayanidhi Maran (1985) Here's a quick summary:

Dayanidhi Maran spoke of how the various challenges he overcame at school have helped him face challenges in his political career. He added that life is full of surprises!
Venkatesh said that he learned his acting skills (!) at DB Egmore. He also spoke about the importance about being at peace with your inner self and how that has helped him a better human being and also successful in his career.
Vijay Amritraj spoke of the all-round education at DB Egmore that made a huge impact. He elaborated on the five Ds - Desire, Dedication, Determination, Discipline and Divine Intervention and how they have been the drivers of his success.
YG Mahendra echoed the Tagline of the DBPPA when he said his years at DB Egmore were the best days of his life. He added that his sense of humour and innovation were traits he developed at DB Egmore.
The Delegate of the DBPPA and the Principal of DB Egmore Rev Fr Stanley Ignatius said he was amazed at the strong sense of bonding among DB Egmore alumni and said that this event would set a new benchmark for future DBPPA events.
Ashwin Rajagopalan the president of the DBPPA spoke of the association’s ability to bring together different generations of past pupils together with quality events - Nostalgia, Networking and the opportunity to give back something to the school and the community.

It was a unique evening and there will be more!